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  • Serving the International Petroleum Industry for over Two Decades.
  •  Worldwide Distribution Network.
  •  Economical, Effcient, and Environmentally Safe Products

Oclansorb has open chambers which encapsulate hydrocarbons, rather than attaching to outer surfaces as they do with clay-based products. No leaching or residue will be left to clean up. Firefighters and industrial safety groups appreciate the many benefits provided by Oclansorb absorbent. It soaks up spills of oil and other fuels at bulk fuel stations and on highways. Oclansorb mops up, on contact, jet fuel spills at airports. It helps prevent oil and gasoline from draining into storm sewers, and removes oil that leaks from electrical transformers and hydraulic equipment. Oclansorb absorbent is an all-natural, environmentally friendly safe product.

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