INDME offers effective Plant Shutdown and Turnaround services. INDME plays a major role with organizations to achieve a cost effective and time efficient shutdown/turnaround using our process and Maintenance Shutdown Planning . We have been successful in saving substantial amounts of money for organizations that have used our products and services. We deliver on all of our services with integrity and professionalism. INDME has executed major maintenance contracts in Pipeline, Rotating & Static Equipment, general plant maintenance. We continue to serve the Oil & Gas industry in all areas of plant maintenance. Unplanned maintenance or equipment failure can be quickly rectified by our readily available installation technicians and skilled workforce.  Maintenance such as Static equipments and storage facilities. Apart from its Global experience, has assumed a major role in facilities maintenance, working continuously in major processing plants for several years. Our multi-skilled workforce is an attraction many facilities appreciate. With the available flexibility, more is accomplished in less time with fewer people, resulting in considerable savings. We also offer Operation and Maintenance services for Mini Power/Process Plants, large factory utilities such as Boilers, Turbine DM Plants, etc by deputing a complete team of Engineers and Technicians in Discipline.
  • Maintenance Services:
  • Machinery Equipment.
  • Static Equipment.
  • Valves.
  • Overhauling and shutdown services.
  • Maintenance procedures & documentations.
  • Maintenance Management Solutions.
  • Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics.