Industrial Machinery Trading & Industrial Services.

IME is capable of performing short term contracts, Long term contracts and unit rate contracts.

We had overhauled Gas compressor for Saudi Aramco; Plant J80, Hydrocracker plant, Ras Tanura South Refinery.

We do Condition Based Monitoring of Plate Heat Exchangers through our Principal Alfa Laval. Condition Based Monitoring is the unique feature, which we offer to our customers. 

We monitor on-line the condition of Plate Heat Exchanger and recommend our customer accordingly the service that needs to be done for Plate Heat Exchanger.

We are capable of overhauling Marine Loading Arm at our facility. We had overhauled MLA's for Sabic Al-Razi & Sadaf.

We are capable of supplying of machines, tools and all the spare parts required by the petrochemical companies.

We can supply Plate Heat Exchangers, Decanters and Oil Separators.