IME provides various types of Services to its Customers

Industrial Cleaning IME and Euro Corpex Ltd are providing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia process industries, advanced, integrated and high quality chemical cleaning services.

We serve :

  • Oil and Gas Industry 
  • Petrochemical Industry 
  • Power Generation Industry 
  • Water Production Industry.

These industries share the characteristics of capital-intensive operations, extensive regulatory compliance responsibilities, cyclical product demand and critical importance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia worldwide trade position. Market leaders in these industries also share the recognition of the need to change process approaches that can enhance the safety of their environment consistent with the requirement to remain globally competitive.

Our offered chemical cleaning products and application processes are designed to be consistent with these characteristics of our customers and to support their business objectives.

With our combined and cumulative experience we:

  • Solve complex chemical cleaning problems.
  • Perform under the most challenging conditions, both technically and environmentally.
  • Enhance product use safety in the work place and reduce storage problems to a minimum.


Euro Corpex Limited was established in 1997 , it is a chemical technology company that develops and markets innovative and environmentally friendly aqueous based advanced chemical products and processes to remove organic and inorganic industrial contaminants from surfaces and substrates. Euro Corpex Ltd products are mainly utilized in the North Sea, Europe, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and on a limited basis in Canada and the Far East. Our KIRASOL® and NOXOL® product lines are utilized by many of the world's leading process industries companies to solve difficult chemical cleaning problems, to improve their processes while adhering to the strictest environmental and health and safety standards. 

Our primary services objective is the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants from process equipment surfaces through advanced chemical cleaning procedures. Our cleaning procedures result in improving and optimizing our customers’ processes. 

To achieve our objective we merge the advanced capabilities of our Cleaning In Place (CIP) unit together with our state-of the-art KIRASOL® and NOXOL® product lines. 

We solve complex cleaning problems by combining ease of application, product safety, equipment safety, health safety and environmental friendliness. 

 Most common types of equipment we clean with our advanced products are: 

  •  Heat Exchangers 
  •  Plant Units 
  •  Cooling and Heating Systems 
  •  Towers 
  •  Glycol Regeneration Units 
  •  Crude Oil and Gas Separators 
  •  Tanks 
  •  Separators 
  •  Hydrocyclones and Pipes