Being the business partners of Hoerbiger for so many years, providing complete overhauling for reciprocating compressors in our shop or at customer site.

As we are proud to inform you we have overhauled the biggest reciprocating compressor in the Middle East which is for Aramco in Ras Tanura.

For industrial engines, no-one wants downtime. Any time an engine is out for unplanned service means lower availability and lost production.

HOERBIGER's exchange program for gas engines is designed to support our customers and protect availability through providing a solution to allow a return to production safely, swiftly and efficiently.

The engine exchange program is also of interest to operators facing the decision to replace legacy systems.

hi Point Industries

  • Serving the International Petroleum Industry for over Two Decades.
  •  Worldwide Distribution Network.
  •  Economical, Effcient, and Environmentally Safe Products

Oclansorb has open chambers which encapsulate hydrocarbons, rather than attaching to outer surfaces as they do with clay-based products. No leaching or residue will be left to clean up. Firefighters and industrial safety groups appreciate the many benefits provided by Oclansorb absorbent. It soaks up spills of oil and other fuels at bulk fuel stations and on highways. Oclansorb mops up, on contact, jet fuel spills at airports. It helps prevent oil and gasoline from draining into storm sewers, and removes oil that leaks from electrical transformers and hydraulic equipment. Oclansorb absorbent is an all-natural, environmentally friendly safe product.

J. de Jonge Flowsystem

IME with its principal company J de Jonge are engaged with overhauling of Marine Loading Arms, Hose Towers and Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

J de Jonge Marine Loading Technology:  

  • Complete Overhauling for Marine Loading Arm.
  • Complete Overhauling for Hose Towers.

With more than 60 years of experience in the tank terminal business, we are the partner for total flowsystems. By this we mean that J. de Jonge flowsystems is the optimal partner for a total package involving mechanical engineering, new construction, maintenance and renovation of total systems for liquids and gasses between carriers and (tank terminal) installations.  


Euro Corpex Limited was established in 1997 , it is a chemical technology company that develops and markets innovative and environmentally friendly aqueous based advanced chemical products and processes to remove organic and inorganic industrial contaminants from surfaces and substrates. 

Euro Corpex Ltd products are mainly utilized in the North Sea, Europe, North Africa, Arabian Peninsula and on a limited basis in Canada and the Far East. 

Our KIRASOL® and NOXOL® product lines are utilized by many of the world's leading process industries companies to solve difficult chemical cleaning problems, to improve their processes while adhering to the strictest environmental and health and safety standards. 


A high-end Technical Consulting and Engineering Company, Supporting EPC & Manufacturing Conglomerates. 

 INGENERO is guided by an internationally respected leadership team with principal offices in Houston, Texas, and Mumbai, India. 

INGENERO has a strong execution team with over 1000 man-years of experience and training at leading engineering and manufacturing companies. 

INGENERO leverages state of the art software tools and techniques with the best available engineering and scientific graduates from top universities in India and the United States. 

 INGENERO offers engineering services to both engineering and manufacturing companies, as well as operating services to support manufacturing plants across the globe. 

INGENERO serves clients in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Alfa Laval  (Business Partner)

Alfa Laval: services in regards to Plate Heat Exchangers by giving a very unique solution to their customers which provide them not only servicing and overhauling Plate Heat Exchangers but a complete solution by Monitoring and Chemical cleaning which provide maximum cooling capacity for steady / maximum plant production load.

  • Complete overhauling at their  Workshops in Jubail.  
  • Mechanical Cleaning on Customer site. 
  • Chemical Cleaning.